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Persona 5 – Guida alle risposte per lezioni ed esami

Un modo semplice per non studiare

Durante il nostro percorso su Persona 5 ci troveremo a dover rispondere a delle domande che ci verranno poste in classe, in oltre dovremmo anche partecipare a degli esami in determinati mesi dell’anno. Con questa guida potrete vedere come rispondere correttamente alle domande che vi faranno e che troverete negli esami.

Per ogni risposta esatta data a lezione, Joker, otterrà un +1 a Knowledge. Mentre avendo successo alla fine degli esami può dare un +1 o un +2 di Charm.  Infine, piazzarsi per primo nella classifica sblocca il trofeo “Mask of an Honor Student“, oltre a dare +3 di Charm a Joker.

Ci teniamo a precisare che anche rispondendo a tutte le risposte correttamente, sarà impossibile sbloccare il trofeo agli esami di Maggio, in quanto la Knowledge di Joker sarà comunque di LV 2 o al massimo di LV 3. Tuttavia se seguite le istruzioni avrete la Knowledge al LV 4 o 5 e potete tranquillamente prendere il trofeo ai penultimi o agli ultimi esami.

Domande in classe di Aprile e Maggio

  • 4/12

Domanda:“A soul is composed of appetite, spirit, and what else?”

Risposta: Logic.

  • 4/19

Domanda: “Is the line extending from A connected to B or C? Which is it?”

La risposta corretta è C che in realtà è l’opzione B .

  • 4/23

Domanda:“What event did Emperor Nero add to the Olympics so he could participate?”

Risposta: Singing.

  • 4/25

Domanda:“What’s the common usage of kakushinhan again, regarding an action you take?” –

Risposta: Knowing your actions are wrong –

Domanda:“But the real kakushinhan is the opposite, right? So the opposite means…” –

Risposta:Convicing you’re right.

  • 4/27

Domanda:“How many colors does it take to paint every region without any two adjacent ones being the same color?”

Risposta: Four.

  • 4/30

Domanda:“First off, the “wunder” part probably means..”

Risposta: Wonder.

Domanda:“Next, the “kind” part. That’s probably…”

Risposta: Child.

Domanda:“So a “wunderkind” would be…”

Risposta: A prodigy.

  • 5/7 

Domanda:“What do people generally call a woman who has a charm that sometimes leads men to their doom?” Risposta: Femme Fatale.

  • 5/10

Domanda:“Who do you think is the origin of the term “magistrate’s patronage”?” –

Risposta: Minamoto no Yoshitsune.

Esami di Maggio

  • 5/11

Domanda: “Although the line connects A to C it looks like it leads to B instead. What is this phenomenon called?”

Risposta: An optical Illusion.

Domanda: “If how they’re seeing things is different, it probably has to do with this sort of information..”

Risposta: Visual information.

Domanda: “What takes the visual information from your eyes and processes it is the, uh… ”

Risposta: Brain.

Domanda: “The brain processes visual information. So, the reason why people see things differently is… ”

Risposta: They have different cognitions.

  • 5/12

Domanda: “Which of the following expressions came form the name of the position that Minamoto no Yoshitsune held? ”

Risposta: Magistrate’s patronage.

Domanda: “What is the origin of the English word “talent”?”

Risposta: The name of a sum of currency.

  • 5/13

Domanda: “What did the Greek philosopher Socrates say that evil is born from?”

Risposta: Ignorance.

Domanda: “What’s the least number of colors needed to paint Japan so no two adjacent areas are the same color?”

Risposta: Four.

Domande in classe di metà Maggio, Giugno e Luglio

  • 5/16

Domanda: “Do you know who created the piece which sold for the highest price back in the 20th century? ”

Risposta: Van Gogh.

  • 5/21

Domanda: “What is the name of this ratio that Japanese architects and artists have liked using?”

Risposta: The silver ratio.

  • 5/23

Domanda: “Well, your number’s up. The root words of synesthesia are “syn” and “aisthesis”. What do they mean?”

Risposta: Together and sense.

  • 5/26

Domanda: “What was the name of the other famous novel that Sherlock Holmes appeared in?”

Risposta: Arsene Lupin e Gentleman Burglar.

  • 5/30

Domanda: “Who was the pirate who said that he hid his treasure in a certain place just before he was executed? ”

Risposta: William Kidd.

  • 6/4 –

Domanda: “The original blazers were named that thanks to a certain quality they had. Any idea what it was? ”

Risposta: They were bright colored.

  • 6/7

Domanda: “What are red king crabs most biologically related to? ”

Risposta: Hermit Crabs.

  • 6/8 –

Domanda: “With the advent of the color TV, something else started appearing in color. Do you know what it is?”

Risposta: Dreams.

  • 6/11

Domanda: “Can you imagine how much gold has been excavated by humanity over the course of history? ”

Risposta: 3 Olympic-sized Pool.

  • 6/13

Domanda: “Paper money is issued by the Bank of Japan, but who issues the coins?”

Risposta: The government.

  • 6/15

Domanda: “What would happen if you keep washing your hair with water that’s contaminated with metal? ”

Risposta: It’ll change color.

  • 6/23

Domanda: “Who is this woman, drawn as the High Priestess in most tarot decks?”

Risposta: Pope Joan.

  • 6/27

Domanda: “In English, what does the term “cat-and-dog weather” refer to?”

Risposta: Heavy Rain.

  • 6/29

Domanda: “This character is the cursive form of a specific kanji. Do you know which one it is? ”

Risposta: Gold.

  • 7/1 –

Domanda: “…But do you know what Chinese dish Zhuge Liang is credited for inventing?”

Risposta: Baozi.

  • 7/4 –

Domanda: “Do you know the reason why July and August both have thirty-one days?”

Risposta: Someone pretentious said so.

  • 7/7 –

Domanda: “What’s the traditional food of Tanabata?”

Risposta: Soumen.

  • 7/8 –

Domanda: “What’s a common trait of almost all shaved-ice syrups on the market?”

Risposta: They have the same flavour.

  • 7/9 –

Domanda: “What is the sum of angles a through e?”

Risposta: 180 degrees.

  • 7/11

Domanda: “What is the name of the light-producing substance in fireflies?”

Risposta: Luciferin.

  • 7/12

Domanda: “What was the name of the gentleman thief whose family was boiled alive during the Sengoku period?”

Risposta: Ishikawa Goemon.

Esami di Luglio

  • 7/13

Domanda: “Which of these phrases has its origins in this shogi piece?”

Risposta: Noveau Riche.

Domanda: “Goemon was popular because he wasn’t just a thief, he was a…”

Risposta: Gentleman thief.

Domanda: “And the person in power who had it in for Goemon was… ”

Risposta: Hideyoshi Toyotomi.

Domanda: “And, Gomeon’s death after he got captured by Hideyoshi is famous too…”

Risposta:  He Was boiled alive.

  • 7/14

Domanda: “Which of the following statements are true of this organism?”

Risposta: It’s not related to crabs.

Domanda: “What is said to be the reason why people began dreaming in color? ”

Risposta: Televisions.

  • 7/15

Domanda: “Which of these was made using the silver ratio?”

Risposta: B4 Sized Paper.

Domanda: “Define “syn” and “aisthesis,” the Greek root words of “synesthesia.”

Risposta: Together and Sense.

Domande in classe di Settembre e Ottobre

  • 9/3 –

Domanda: “in this famous statue, he’s holding a spear in hist left hand, but what does he have in his right?”

Risposta: Nothing.

  • 9/6 –

Domanda: “What is the name of the phenomenon where the second hand looks like it stops moving? ”

Risposta: Chronostasis.

  • 9/14

Domanda: “Second-hand shops are also known as thrift stores. Do you know when the earliest ones appeared?”

Risposta: The 19th Century.

  • 9/17

Domanda: “We have a saying in Japanese: a skilled hawk hides its talons. What hides its claws in English?”

Risposta: A cat.

  • 9/21

Domanda: “The word “robot” didn’t come from English. So, what country did it come from? ”

Risposta: Czechoslovakia.

  • 9/24

Domanda: Do you know why they chose black and white?

Risposta:So it shows up well on TV.

  • 9/28

Domanda: So “PVS”, referring to when you mistakenly think your phone is going off… What’s the P?


Domanda: The next part is the V part. That means it’d be “phantom…” what?

Risposta: Vibration.

Domanda: Last is the S. So if we have “phantom vibration” so far…

Risposta: Syndrome.

  • 9/29

Domanda: Not all civil servants work in government offices. Which of these occupations is a civil one?

Risposta: Fishermen of Nagaragawa.

  • 10/3

Domanda: …but in the entire universe, which of these is closest to its density of stars?

Risposta: Three watermelons in the sun.

  • 10/6

Domanda: This device made mass executions possible. You know what it’s called, yes?

Risposta: Guillotine.

  • 10/11

Domanda: Which do you think most people choose to name “kiki”?

Risposta: A.

Esami di Ottobre

  • 10/17

Domanda: What is the origin of the word “guillotine”?

Risposta: Name of the one who proposed it.

Domanda: First of all, who proposed the idea of the guillotine?

Risposta: A doctor.

Domanda: So, from his perspective, what was the advantage of the guillotine?

Risposta: It could execute people quickly.

  • 10/18

Domanda: Which of the following statements about this ball is true?

Risposta: It has thirty-two faces.

Domanda: What is the meaning of the word “robota”, the Czech word that is the root word of “robot”?

Risposta: Slave labor.

  • 10/19

Domanda: What is the English name for the phenomenon where it feels like your cell phone is vibrating?

Risposta: Phantom Vibration Syndrome

Domanda: Which of the following government organizations do the cormorant fishermen of Nagaragawa belong to?

Risposta: The Imperial Household Agency.

Domande in classe di fine Ottobre e Novembre

  • 10/22 –

Domanda: “What number should be in the middle of this square to make it a magic square?

Risposta: Five.

  • 10/24 –

Domanda: “Can you tell me what the S in SOS means?”

Risposta: It’s meaningless.

  • 11/2 –

Domanda: “The word “wack” was also used in a coded language form history. What was that language? ”

Risposta: Thieves’ cant.

  • 11/4 –

Domanda: “Clubs is a club, diamonds is a gem, spades is a sword… So, what is hearts?”

Risposta: The Holy Grail.

  • 11/8 –

Domanda: “Do you know what age you have to be in order to listen in on a trial?”

Risposta: 0.

  • 11/10 

Domanda: “Do you know what the line that’s in “bird” but not in “crow” represents?”

Risposta: An eye.

  • 11/12 –

Domanda: “Do you know why hearing someone’s voice over the phone sound different than their real voice?”

Risposta: It’s heavily processed.

  • 11/15 –

Domanda: “When he was executed, something was doen to his appearance, Do you know what it was? ”

Risposta: They put makeup on him.

  • 11/17 –

Domanda: “Which of these is called a cochleoid, after its resemblance to a snail?”

Risposta: B.

  • 11/18 –

Domanda: “At which of these location can you see the sunrise the earliest?”

Risposta: The summit of Mt. Fuji.

Esami finali

  • 12/20

Domanda: “Which of the following is called the Devil’s curve?”

Risposta: D.

Domanda: “I think they said the voice you hear through the phone is…”

Risposta: Not their real voice.

Domanda: “But why does the listener think the synthetic voice is the real person?”

Risposta: They speak the same.

Domanda: “Even if the voice is different, as long as they talk the same, the listener will subconsciously… ”

Risposta: Supplement the voice.

  • 12/21

Domanda: “Which suit of cards represents the Holy Grail. ”

Risposta: Hearts.

Domanda: “Which of the following is not true about the kanji for “crow”?”

Risposta: It includes a number.

  • 12/22

Domanda: “Which country refers to a person who controls politics behind the scenes as a “prime minister in black”?

Risposta: Japan.

Domanda: “What English word did the initial “do” in the Japanese “dokyuu”, or massive, originate from?

Risposta: Dreadnought.

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